About Us


It is hard to imagine a world without dogs. Our furry friends are everything: family, partners, roommates, inspiration, a bundle of joy and lots more. With time it has become repeatedly frustrating to see how bad dog equipments can cause them harmful health problems.

At URHARNESS, we have a philosophy that dogs deserve proper care and attention from their owners. That is why we came up with the idea of a high-quality personalized harness that brings safety, comfort and improve communication while on walks. As a dog owner, our product naturally helps you to get better skills and practice habits. Join our effort to spread the idea of love and care across all dog lovers.


Who Are We?

URHARNESS is a unique dog store designed to help dog owners give their furry friends the best form of care and prevention. We are a small team of certified experts who understand how it takes to foster a loving relationship between the dog and the man. These wagging tails are at the heart of everything we do, and our store honours them with one of the best harnesses on the market.


Our Story

Owning a dog is a life-changing experience. It comes with responsibility and shows an entirely new perspective towards life. As dog owners and animal advocates, our story has been fuelled by our passion for dogs

URHARNESS started as an idea and movement after noticing that dogs were not given the attention they needed. We discovered that long hours at corporate jobs, lack of understanding of dog needs, and sheer negligence were among the notorious culprits implicated in poor pet care.

URHARNESS was created to provide a solution to such problems. Since being founded, we have inspired thousands of people, and our personalized dog harness no pull collection has seen a remarkable expansion with thousands of great reviews. We want to continue to inspire people and share success stories. Our journey has been eventful, and we have a bucket load of love, lessons, and experiences to share. Be a part of our story.


Mission Statement

To commit ourselves to provide high quality dog harnesses to facilitate the expression of prevention, care and comfort. We focus on giving you more control over your dog functionally and stylishly.


Vision Statement

To be the leading name in the custom dog harness products industry through our quality and strong commitment for success and development.


Core Values

Love – Treat – Care your dog.


What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

  • Empathy: We are more than just a dog brand. We care about every animal's welfare, and we believe that they should be given the care and attention they truly deserve. 

  • Customer priority: You matter! URHARNESS sells top-notch quality harnesses to make you 100% happy. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

  • Quality: Quality is everything! You are sure to find the best quality dog harnesses at our store. We provide you with value for your money.